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Monday, July 30, 2007


Time is dragging by now. I have pretty much turned over with my relief and the days no longer seem to fly by. Most of my things are packed and I have completed just about everything on my “check out sheet”. I still don’t know the exact date that I’m leaving, so that adds to it. Either way, I should be home by the 17th or so. I hope it is sooner so I can have some” daddy daughter time” before school starts.
Last night, I took down all of the artwork our girls made and the family pictures that had been decorating my trailer—so now I’m back to living in a box in the desert. I’m thinking about getting an volleyball and naming it Wilson to keep me company until I head some…

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Patti said...

I'm going to get worried about you if you start spending time with Wilson! I'm sure the days will pass at a snail's pace until you're outta there. I saw the news report yesterday that the Iraqi team won the soccer championship. I hope you got to see it. I noticed that vehicles were banned this time from the area. We're praying that there will be no "hitches" to delay your return!